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Works great had it for years!

Works great


I love the app but update the version that it has been 2 years

Home screen go to app for units

This has been on my home screen for years. It's great, flexible, and has all the units I've needed. But I bumped into this error: 1BTU/sec = 59.99977548BTU/min = 3,599.98611946BTU/h Not much point in having so many digits of suggested accuracy if error management doesn't warrant it. 5 stars for now on the assumption this will be fixed.

Best conversion app

This is the best conversion app that I could find. I would give this one a try. The author responded quickly to my questions. This will be my go to app!

Nice options

This app has a ton of options for converting. Very nice and does bitcoin and more.

Invaluable Tool for a Engineer

If you work with international companies you know how frustrating it is to move between units. This is extremely fast intuitive and has a huge database of units but is customizable so your day to day usage will only require you to choose between the units you personally use. Huge time saver vs my graphic calculator and even google.

Great app .. For the most part

I've used this app for years. It has had good times and bad times, but for now it's working pretty well. Areas for improvement: The inch and cm measurements when turning my iPhone 6 plus sideways is way off. It may be correct on a 6 or 6s, but when it's on a 6 plus or 6s plus, the inch and cm are too big. The app needs a calibration setting to let it know if it's on a 6 or a 6 plus so it can have the measurements adjusted to the correct size. As it is now, that function is useless. There's no way to calculate calendar dates. That would round this app out to cover most needs. It's better than it used to be for getting back to the main screen from the settings or selection screens, but if the darkened area had "SWIPE" with a direction arrow, that would help to make clear what to do to get back to the main screen. It still requires some hunt and peck to figure out how to do things like add a favorite. Not sure how to make it more intuitive, but it needs something. All that said, it's a pretty good app and I still recommend it ..

Great app!

This is a must get app simple.

Nice app

Very good app and handy, but your app icon looks like a male part. Sorry but it does

Great app, love it

I really like this app it does well and a very handy tool when you rotate to landscape mode (it's an Easter egg for me) Keep up the good work developer. Thanks.

Taking in-app ads to a new level (the wrong way)

App "features" pop up video ads that you are forced to watch for a period of time. Deleted and one star.

The best!

Beautiful UI and design. Easy to use and so many conversion options. Best converter app I've used from the many I've tried.


Will you be doing Apple Watch integration?

Works nicely

Intuitive and easy-to-use, with an interface that makes good use of the iPad’s screen. The clothing equivalence tables may come in handy, and are certainly uncommon among these apps.

Good app

Отличный инструмент.

Miss the (Length) Varas

Where did the varas go? They worked great in prior versions but can't find them now.

Extremadamente útil!!! Very Usefull!!

Está aplicación es extremadamente útil, muy completa y sencilla de utilizar, recomienda. Puedes agregar unidades de medida muy fácilmente!!! This app is great!! Very usefull and complete tool. Thanks!

Best converter app

Had this app since the first days of AppStore. It has always been -and still is- fast, reliable, and made by great developer : )

Intuitive and easy to use

Easy to use


Very simple the best unit conversion software that's available. Love the new feature to add custom units. This makes it so easy to add new units.

Still great!

I've been using this app since the iPhone 2G and it's still a great app.

excellent & useful

please make measures/currency interchange button in main app window like previous versions have had

Redesigned perfectly

I always loved the app and now this is completely redesigned and works perfectly. Thanks a ton

Awesome app, iOS7 redesign needed.

I absolutely love this app, use it often to convert meters to feet, as well as temperatures. I will greatly suggest this app to my closest friend, but I wish they could an iOS 7 design.

Absolutely love this app!

I have been beta testing iOS7 for a few months and because of that, this app broke for me. So I was VERY happy to see this update today because I have been lost without this app! I am an American that lives overseas and I think I used this app at least 5 times a day. No other converter has worked for me.

Cool app

Please update support for iPhone 5

Meter to feet wrong?

Mine calculates meter - feet wrongly. 1 meter is shown as 0,0005 feet...

The best available

I have tried several converter apps, this is the best!

Great app

Universal converter


I wish you had a cooking convertor. It's too confusing. Hard to use. Need more detail explanation of how to use and cooking measurements.

Mixed Feelings

The app itself is fantastic and it's held a spot on my home screen for years. I'm not thrilled about the GUI change from an update or so back and I'm really confused about the new icon. The old one was simple and easy on the eyes.


The best converter app in the store.

great app

first tried it when it was in installer. wonder if there ll be retina support?

I like it!

I have been using this app for over 1.5 years now. It's easy and intuitive. The options to have advanced mode with scientific notation helps me out a ton! I work in the nuclear industry, so the comprehensive radiological units are a must have. This program has helped me numerous times in the field. Keep up the good work!

Annoying quirk

The app and its function itself is great but I'm gonna have to take off a star for an annoying little quirk that honestly shouldn't even exist. When im studying I usually like to have my headphones on and play either music or an ambience app. Well... whenever I go ahead and open this app, it always turns off the music and ambience apps. All for the sake of playing a little 'zap' sound while opening. Come on, you should know better than to do that. Please stop the converter from turning off my music and I will gladly reimburse that missing star. Also, the UI could use a little polish but I wont dock you for that. Thanks!

Was once great

I loved this app before, new GUI is just confusing.


Loved it on installer, love it now!

The original and best!

Just would be nice to see the basic conversions that you find on a school chart to be there, I'll add specifics if you need it, but it's too common to not see every one on the app.

Great App it just needs the old GUI.

Old installer GUI was much better. I was so glad to see this show up in the App store. It was one of the only Apps that made it worth unlocking my old iphone and touch. But the new GUI is a big disappointment over the more simplistic one from the old version. Please bring it back!


Never worked as advertised. Crashed everytime I opened it. Update - after crashing the first ten times I opened it - it now seems to be working fine.

iPad version?

This is the best conversion program for the iPhone (in my opinion). I am looking forward to the day when the developer will create a universal iPhone/iPad version!

Awesome and Easy

I have followed this app since it was first available on JB devices. It is awesome. It has an easy to use interface. My wife uses it all the time when cooking. I'm not sure what problems the last two people are having because I have a 3GS and Original 2G iPhone and the app works on both perfectly. What's funny is I have used this app to verify my own calculations in my app named "Baseball Speed". Thank you for creating this app and bein the first one to create a converter app years ago.

Used to work but doesnt now

Great Program but the latest upgrade does not work. I can not get it to stay loaded on the phone. I can select it in itunes but during sync it deletes it.


I've used this program forever and lived the currency converter. The latest upgrade is a mess. I'm not computer illerate, but program doesn't work.

Can't live without it!

Awesome application. Living in a foreign country this app helps me convert unit I am not familiar with into ones I understand. This app also helps me in a wide variety of other cases when obscure measurements come into play. Only thing is I wish there were updates and especially an iPad version. Frequency to time domain would also be nice!

It doesn't always work

doesn't always work. It gets stuck on measurements and doesn't show anything in the list. when i need it, i need it. i don't have time to go in and out and back in again hoping it will work.

Stopped Working

After a while the unit selection disappears, rendering the app useless.

Messed up big time

I used to use this app all the time. Not any more though... it is slow to start up, and after some time, all the units disappear in unit selection list. This means that you can no longer change the units you want to work with. How useful is that? I can't believe the author hasn't already fixed the problem, it has been there for quite awhile. All I can conclude is that he doesn't care about the app anymore. You'll be wasting your money if you buy this app.

Ok but buggie

Worked good for awhile and after an upgrade started getting buggie performance when trying to change from one type of conversion to another (for example. Length changing to weight). I sometimes get blank menus and have to turn off phone and reboot to get menus back.

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